“I am ecstatic with the organizing work you have done in my home and am enjoying my new clutter free spaces thoroughly! Every time I walk into my house I don’t get that feeling of anxiety and frustration that come from piles of “to do” items staring me in the face day after day. I am amazed at the way you plow right through the chaos that I have put off tackling for months and make sense of it quickly and effortlessly. I could not have done it without you. Thanks to you I am always ready for a party, there is no clean up beforehand.”
-Andrea Caniglia
Bonnie was a big help to me after moving into my new (old) home. She took on my small, non-existent closets and came up with a fabulous, organized, reasonably priced new closet system, and also made helpful recommendations about how to hang and fold clothes light to dark, etc. Having an organized closet makes getting dressed much less stressful and makes me feel better.
She also made a big impact on my very old and challenging kitchen, asking the right questions about how we use things, grouping items together where they made sense and making things “look nice” in the meantime. She had also provided helpful hints about keeping a cleaner, germ-free kitchen environment, which is important with 2 small children underfoot.
Bonnie basically is the impetus for doing all the organizational things you know you need to know but never really get around to doing!
-Susan Anderson